Readings are powerful sessions in which Ronnie receives and communicates messages and tools to her clients based on images and information she hears and sees from their spirit guides and her spirit team.


Healing sessions realign the body’s frequency to the “Zero Point Field” (lay lines) within the earth’s natural grid lines. Safe and effective, this helps by activating stagnant DNA function, which in turn promotes healing at a cellular level both physically and emotionally.

The REconnection®

The Reconnection program brings clarity, a greater sense of purpose, and a connectedness to our higher self by activating new frequency lines, allowing for the exchange of energy, light and information.

Home & Business Entity Clearing

Sessions involve evaluation of the space, checking for vortexes, and then clearing any blocked or active (a soul) energy.

Wedding & Ministry Services

As a non-denominational minister, Ronnie provides spiritual services at weddings, vow-renewals, and baby christenings. She enjoys collaborating with her clients on all things related to personalizing the ceremony and customizing their day special.

End of Life Services

Ronnie performs transition healings on those who are terminal in a hospital or hospice to help in the process of crossing over and reduce any suffering. She is also available to read last rights, perform healings for a speedier recovery, and provide her services during Funerals.


P: 858-220-1000


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Ronnie's Spiritual Cottage is located behind Noni Salon in Leucadia.

704 N. Coast Hwy. Encinitas, CA 92024