Ronnie is the real deal. I saw Ronnie for a reading as well as a block clearing as part of gaining clarity in life and business. After my sessions with her, I felt at ease with following specific things she was able to give guidance on. Things like my art, ideas for my business and breaking through blocks caused by fear. If you are seeking healing, guidance or clarity I would absolutely recommend her. I live in Las Vegas and will drive in to see her. My goal is to see her every year around my birthday. – Alexis Billings, Owner of Synergy Wellness – Fitness Training & Online Health Coaching

Thank you for the wonderful healing sessions. This has been a wonderful journey. I have been really happy and feeling very healthy without a care even with a few stresses at work, this healing work has given me a chance to regroup and recharge. I want to let you know that I think what you do really works! Thank you again so much! – T.P.S., Del Mar, CA

We were all very touched by your session. My mother especially! It was wonderful for her to “let go.”  She passed very peacefully. Thank You. – Arlene & Family, Carlsbad, CA

It was a wonderful experience and I have been feeling more grounded. I have been able to fend off the flu even though many around me are getting sick. I feel it lurking, but seem to be able to keep it at bay. Thank you again for your work. You are a gentle and beautiful spirit. – R.K., Alpine, CA

Thank you so much for the healing session. I am just about pain free after the surgery and so looking forward to my next appointment with you. You have helped me immensely physically, emotionally and in my spiritual growth. – A.M., Carlsbad, CA

I would like to thank you for sharing your light and love. As an intuitive creative person, I have a great appreciation for what you do. It takes a lot of openness, strength and passion to dedicate to healing people in a non-traditional way.  From our session, I didn’t feel anything till the next morning when I awoke. I was light like a feather, my mind didn’t have a heaviness of battle from sleep, it was refreshing. Also thanks to you, I switched my thinking of “I don’t attract guys” to “one day I will attract an amazing man.”  I’ll keep you updated on that. All the best! – J.D., Tustin, CA

I’m feeling more balanced and strong in spirit than I have in a long time. I have always been able to pour out strong energy in a pinch or at a moment, but the highs and lows always take place. After your work, I’m leveled out. It was absolutely mirrored in how my dog Moose worked today–she gathered compliments from the two other handlers and could seemingly make no wrong move, nor did I. My timing with her was better than it’s been for a while and it came so easily and freely. I felt like a mantle of peace has come around my shoulders and I am so at ease. No crazy appetite, either! I am craving vegetables, greens, and much lighter food too. I can only chalk it up to your work. You have a gift.  Oh, and dogs CAN smile! I think Artesia is still smiling every time I look at her. – Helene, Alpine, CA


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